About Life is Short!

11/14/2011 21:43:54

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        Choosing the name for this blog site wasn't easy. It took weeks before I said to myself this is it. I believe there is no better name suited for the site to reflect what I have been through. 

        I could not waste another minute before I get this site working. I could no longer wait for another day before deciding and doing something out of the life I have. 

        Time flies really so fast. I always say that. Life as a whole is very much dependent with it. It is the most precious gift a person can have except for the life itself. 

        Opportunities knock only once. They ride with time. Sometimes they come in bulk but most of the time they sneak out like a desert mist. Thus whatever comes our way, we need to grab it and make the most out of it. That is rather the only way to make opportunities chase you.
        With vigor and determination, that is how I want to live my life because life is short!
12/15/2011 16:14:17

It's really a good piece. It's true. Life's in fact not too long and how we waste it at times. Thanks for sharing.


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